Edinburgh University Shinty Club are one of two clubs based in the Lothian area, the other being Tayforth Camanachd. The club strives to introduce Shinty to new players as well as give the opportunity for experienced players to play in a competitive league during the regular off-season. University is a great place to spread the word of Scotland’s National Sport when people come from all over the world to study at the Universities in Edinburgh.

EUSC holds weekly socials on Thursday at our sponsored bar The Three Sisters, with the benefits of cheap drinks and free food at each social. There are also other social events throughout the year, most notably is the clubs annual trip to Dublin to participate in a game of Shinty / Hurling with a local team. This trip is always a highlight of the year. For tour this year the club is collaborating with Glasgow University to take both clubs to Dublin to play against two Hurling teams and two Camogie teams.

The club participates in multiple events during the year, including a Fresher’s tournament, Rep trials for the Scotland Universities team, The Little John tournament and also the University Shinty League. Edinburgh University have been consistently one of the top University teams, with the men’s team narrowly missing out on both the League and Little John titles for the last couple of years. The women’s team have had more success by taking home both the League and Little John trophies in the 2015/16 Season and also the League trophy in the 2016/17 season. They unfortunately missed out on defending their Little John title last year in penalties against Robert Gordon University.

Coming up to the 2017/18 season the girl’s team was in a dire state with most of the team graduating, leaving only 7 members behind. After a lot of hard work in advertising and recruiting however there have been HUGE turnouts to both the taster sessions and also subsequent training sessions, giving the girl's team a fresh burst of life. After just a couple of weeks the new players have been learning skills quickly and will be looking to hold onto the League title and also reclaim the Little John trophy.

The men’s team was not at quite so much of a loss coming into this season, though were heartbroken at the loss of their former President Robert Stone. The team is looking strong especially with new arrivals from some big teams around the country, the men are out for vengeance and have their eyes firmly set on the League and Little John trophies.


Photo of Calum Smart
Calum Smart - President

As president, I am responsible for making sure everyone is doing their jobs well and aligning the various roles to make a cohesive unit. My shinty career started by accident when my brother’s club were short of players and I made the mistake of volunteering myself. 10 years later and here I am, guess it turned out alright. Playing for EUSC has given me great friends, wonderful memories and a liver that’ll probably never recover…

Photo of Jess Davis
Jess Davis - Secretary

My role involves organising the club and hopefully making sure this coming year runs smoothly. I have been playing Shinty for only two years since joining as a complete beginner in the second year of my physics degree. During my time at EUSC I have made friends for life as well as massively improving my fitness.

Photo of Jack Berg
Jack Berg - Treasurer/Men's Vice Captain

As Treasurer and Vice-Captain, this year my responsibilities include managing the club bank account and creating and continually updating the club budget as well as keeping in contact with the sports union on club bank account matters. In addition, being Vice-Captain means I have responsibilities on the pitch, assisting with the organising of training sessions and with team selection. I have been playing shinty since the age of 7 beginning with playing for my local team of Milngavie & Bearsden and then progressing to play for my current team of Glasgow Mid Aryl.

Photo of Euan Gilmour
Euan Gilmour - Social Secretary

My role as Social Secretary involves organisation of weekly socials as well as the monthly named socials. On top of this I was in charge of securing sponsorship of the club this year and I also help plan the tour to Ireland among other things. I started playing Shinty in P4 (aged 7) and have played for Lewis Camanachd since the age of 14 and have more recently played for Tayforth Camanachd. EUSC has gained me a lot of new friends and playing along side such great players has improved my own game to no end.

Photo of Huw Haigh
Huw Haigh - Publicity Officer

I am the publicity officer and social secretary which means I am in charge of the clubs social media and advertising, and I help my co-social sec to plan the social events of the club. I only started playing shinty when I came to university but immediately fell in love with the sport. I've made many new friends and had many great experiences thanks to EUSC.

Photo of Nathan Whear
Nathan Whear - Men's Captain

My role as the captain is to organise training sessions, provide correspondence with opposition teams about fixtures and maintain a consistent team selection based on performance and training attendance. I have been playing Shinty for Kinlochshiel Shinty Club since I was 14 and prior to that I played for my primary school from the age of 5. Shinty is a popular sport in my area and the sense of comradeship it brings to small communities is invaluable, I enjoy the respect and pride of playing for my local team. University Shinty has opened my eyes to how the game can expand from the highlands to further afield, and the University of Edinburgh and the Sports Union give us a great platform for us to be able to advertise this great scottish game to a wider audience.

Photo of Sarah Pocock
Sarah Pocock - Women's Captain

My role is to ensure the team is ready to play games and win! I take training sessions with Tilly to help everyone gain as much skill and experience whilst improving fitness. I have been playing shinty for six years and started by joining my home team Strathglass. Uni shinty has given me a chance to better my own skills whilst teaching and encouraging new people to play a great Scottish sport. All the while making friends for life.

Photo of Tilly Taylor
Tilly Taylor - Women's Vice Captain

As Vice-Captain I support Sarah in her role as Coach and Captain, by attending training, games and socials I will be available to (attempt to) aid newcomers in their development in both Shinty and fitness. I took up Shinty last year as a way of integrating myself into Uni life as a part-time student studying Childhood Practice. I have loved every second, from the hard defeats to bringing home the silverware. University Shinty has allowed me to feel like part of a club, where commitment, dedication and hard work outweigh talent and ability, where even the most talented and skilled players are willing to give an encouraging word and supportive demonstration to a keen beginner and where we win (and loose) as a team, a family, and a community! (the Socials are pretty good too…)