An Audience with Hugh Dan MacLennan

We have invited Mr Hugh Dan MacLennan through to Edinburgh to do a talk on the sport of shinty by using the medium of Gaelic.

It will be held in Teviot House Dining Room at 11AM on Friday the 25th. Refreshments will be provided.


Shinty Open Session

Tomorrow evening we will be holding our shinty open session for Seachdain na Gàidhlig (Gaelic Week) at the university. It is open to anyone regardless of age or ability. All you have to bring is boots or trainers; shin guards and a gumshield if you have them, and some water. We’ll provide the rest of the equipment.

It will be running at 4-6PM at Peffermil 3G Pitch.

This session will be conducted bilingually through the mediums of Gaelic and English.


Glasgow, 18/10/14, Glasgow University

The men and women’s teams were away to Glasgow this weekend to play Glasgow University in what was expected to be a tightly contested match. The ladies had their throw up at 1PM on the dot and we were under way very quickly. Their intensity was obvious after the scoring was opened in the very first minutes of the game. Glasgow were slightly shocked at the speed of the attack but were able to launch a few counter attacks which were expertly repelled by the defence. There was period of intense tussling in the centre part of the field before the Edinburgh attack broke away and slotted another goal past the opposition’s keeper. For most of the remainder of the first half Edinburgh dominated in attack and defence and then eventually a long range effort by the captain, Ciara MacPherson found the net. After a long and hard fought match the women were able to find another goal and end it with a solid victory of 4-0.

Scorers: Ciara MacPherson, Isla MacKay, Kirsty MacIntyre

After witnessing their female counterparts win a fine victory the men knew the pressure was now on to deliver the goods. With their throw up at 3PM they picked right up where the girls had left off. There was smashing of sticks and collisions a-plenty from the outset and the opener was found fairly quickly. Glasgow hit back on the counter attack and played a ball right across the front of the goal – what a chance – but it was played right over the bar. Edinburgh came back harder and by the end of the first half had put the score up to 7-0 – a massive lead. After a sluggish start to the second half they found the net again and again and soon Edinburgh had a lead of ten goals. After some position switching on Edinburgh’s part, there was a flicker of hope for Glasgow when they launched two potentially dangerous attacks. The first was dealt with easily enough and then the second required more scrappy defence to get rid of the ball. Three goals later – the match had ran its course. Edinburgh claimed a 13-0 victory.

Scorers: Ally Lamont, Brendan Duggan, Conor Sweeney, Duncan MacRae, Seth Jones


Aberdeen, 11/10/14, Robert Gordon University

On Saturday the 11th of October Edinburgh University Shinty Club headed up to Aberdeen for a clash with Robert Gordon University. The women’s game had been called off but this by no means meant that the day was any less intensely fought. It was a fine sunny afternoon when it came to the throw up and we got right under way. RGU had improved considerably since their last meeting with Edinburgh and got stuck in putting our defence under pressure. Hamish Anderson, Colin Tarbat and Ruairidh Fraser held the back strongly with Ryan Balharry playing very effectively in the middle feeding the balls out of the danger zone quickly. The first goal came after a corner took a cheeky deflection off the scrum of bodies in the D and slipped in Noah Brown’s near post. Edinburgh didn’t let this faze them though and got wired straight back in. The equaliser was eventually found when after sustained attack allowed Ewan Menzies to feed the ball into Conor Sweeney who danced past a few players before giving Ally Lamont the perfect opportunity to burst the net – he did not disappoint. Now with the momentum Edinburgh pressed hard in attack. Robert Stone and Sean Tee ran the full length of the wings keeping the intensity up for the duration of the match. Halftime came – Edinburgh were not going to let this one slip away a draw. RGU came back with an attack forcing Brown to make his first real save of the match before the ball was quickly recycled and pushed high up the field. Sweeney was quickly on it and fed the ball into the feet of the captain, Duncan MacRae, who slid it into the opposition’s net. 2-1 and it was all still to play for. The attacks on either goal were heavy and sustained but in the end Edinburgh held out for a 2-1 victory. Not a massive margin but a good performance from the whole team. The Freshers, Liam Thorne and Flynn Button, gained some great experience from a tough match and they coped incredibly well – two great players in the making.

The team: Ally Lamont, Ciaran Tangney, Colin Tarbat, Conor Sweeney, Duncan MacRae, Ewan Menzies, Flynn Button, Hamish Anderson, Liam Thorne, Noah Brown, Robert Stone, Ruairidh Fraser, Ryan Balharry, Sean Tee


Fresher’s Tournament

​On a very wet October morning the Edinburgh University Shinty Club headed to St Andrews for the annual Fresher’s Tournament, and this year the Representative Trials were also taking place there as well. It drew all the university shinty teams for a day to allow the teams to get back into the swing of things and for all the new players to get their first taste of game action. Tightly contested was the day which in the end saw an Edinburgh Strathclyde final for both the men and women’s teams. Sadly the ladies were beaten 3-0 but the game went all the way to extra time. The men managed to beat Strathclyde 1-0 and have retained the title of Fresher’s Champions with the captain Duncan MacRae scoring the only goal. It was a great contest and a brilliant opportunity for this year’s Freshers to get to grips with how the game is played and how to tussle with the opposition!


There have been one or two changes to the weekly schedule:

TRAINING: WED, 2-4PM on the Meadows near the Green Hut & THUR, 4-6PM on the Peffermill 3G Pitch.

SOCIAL: THUR, 9PM at Dropkick Murphy’s under George IV Bridge.

Hope to see you all there!

EDex Event

We will be holding an EDex event on Sunday folks. It runs from 2-4PM on the Meadows near the Green Hut. Bring football boots (or trainers), shin guards and a gum shield. It’s for people of all abilities and directed at people who want to give Shinty a go and it only costs £2.

Click here to sign up.


Weekly Schedule

Training: 5-6PM, Monday. Peffermill 3G Pitch. 2-4PM, Wednesday. Near the Green Hut on the Meadows.

Social: From 9PM onwards at Dropkick Murphy’s under George IV Bridge

A Busy Week

The week’s now getting busy! We will be down at the Societies Fair in the Pleasance from 11-4 on Wednesday and Thursday so be sure to come down and check us out, we really are a friendly bunch! Then also be sure to come to our Freshers’ Training, Thursday 6-7.30 @ Peffermill 3G Pitch and Friday 2-4 @ the green hut in the Meadows. We’re having a social on Thursday night kicking off at 8.30 at Dropkick Murphy’s, under George IV Bridge. We might even have a little bit of crossover with An Comann Ceilteach so everyone is welcome, let’s get lots of people down and have a great start to the semester and make the new Freshers feel at home! Fàilte gu An Comann Camanachd Dhùn Èideann!

Edinburgh University Shinty Club