Freshers’ Week

We will be in the CSE at the Sports Fair this week from 10-4 on Wednesday and Thursday, please come down to see us. Also our taster sessions will be happening on two occasions this week: Thursday 17th 7PM-8.30PM @ Peffermill 3G Pitch and Friday 18th 2PM-4PM @ the Pavilion Cafe on the Meadows.

St Andrews, 02/04/14, Littlejohn Vase Tournament

We headed to St Andrews the Wednesday past to play in the Littlejohn Tournament, the highest aspiration of university level shinty.

Our lads and lassies were both feeling confident and ready for the day ahead and we just eager to get started. First up both teams had Glasgow which saw draws for both the men and women.

Next up we had RGU and again both teams went away with draws but it was not until the third match that the lads and lassies were able to get some high scores and get wins over St Andrews.

Strathclyde and Dundee both followed this but because of the lack of enough wins both Edinburgh teams were only able to get to the final on account of goal difference.

The men were on first and fought hard against Strathclyde but were sadly beaten by the better team on the day by 4 goals. The lassies had started their game slightly later and were able to closely match RGU enough to take them to penalties. However, the game was ended with a win for RGU in the sudden death round of the penalties. A cruel way to end the game but it indeed had to end somehow.

So the lassies sadly were not able to regain the cup and the lads not able to hold out for four in a row.

We will be back next year.

Musselburgh, 14/03/15, Dundee University

It was only the lassies who were playing today and the match had to be moved out to Musselburgh. It seems like it was a fantastic match because the final result was 7-1 for our lassies.

Our final game before the Littlejohn will be this coming Saturday home to Aberdeen University.

Peffermill, 07/03/15, Robert Gordon University

It was only the lassies who were playing this weekend as the lads’ game had been cancelled. We had our throw-up at the usual time of 12PM.

The ladies were off to a flying start when they netted a goal very quickly in the first half. Then another two in quick succession and without much of challenge from RGU the first half finished with Edinburgh up 3-0.

A few changes were made in the second half and the lassies felt like they had this match in the bag. With a few attempts on goal RGU had obviously pulled their socks up in the second half and Edinburgh’s attempts were parried. However, RGU had come out quicker on the counter and managed to net 3 goals of their own. We thought luck still on the home side enough to hold out with a goal in front but sadly RGU found the equaliser.

After the matched we hosted some students over from the states from Longwood University in Virginia. We introduced them to the sport and got them playing a small but intense match. They really seemed to enjoy themselves and promised that they would make the Tayforth Ceilidh on at 8PM at the Counting House on West Nicholson Street tonight.

Scorers: Kirsty MacIntyre, Arabella Kennard


Alumni day will be the 28th March this year. We are also hoping to combine this with the annual Dropkicks Tournament, so it will be a great day packed with plenty of shinty action! The tournament will be held out at the Musselburgh pitches, 6-a-side teams, with an entry fee of £2 per person. So spread the word and anyone wanting to enter a team get in touch!

Coaching Course 22/02/15

A big thank you to Ronald Ross, The Camanachd Association and Edinburgh University Sports Union for putting on a coaching course today in the CSE Gym, Edinburgh. It was a good way of getting everyone involved with the sport, as well as improving our coaching skills. There was a great turnout and enjoyed by everyone!

Peffermill, 21/02/14, St Andrews University

Yesterday’s games both went well for the lads and lassies.

The lassies were on first with the usual 12PM throw up and were dominant in their game from the start. Goals did not come in the first half but after a scrum around the goal mouth in the second half there was a breakaway leading to Kirsty MacIntyre netting the ball. Again after the throw up it was end to end with the Edinburgh defence proving crucial leading to Isla MacKay slotting one in herself. As the game went on it became clear that it was Edinburgh’s day and indeed this was sealed when MacIntyre got her second. A 3-0 victory.

Scorers: Kirsty MacIntyre, Isla MacKay

The lads were on after with the usual 2PM throw up. The lads were slow to start with some of their usual players missing and at first it seemed like St Andrews could make some trouble but after Edinburgh got settled the first goal was found. St Andrews did not die away easily and made plenty of trouble for the home side even firing a high shot which Keeper Ryan Balharry turned away. There was action a plenty to be had yet Edinburgh had the fighting edge giving them plenty of goals in the first half. There was even a penalty which sadly Conor Sweeney could not net. The second half continued in much the same fashion and ended in an 11-0 victory.

Scorers: Conor Sweeney, Euan Menzies, Brendan Duggan, Ciaran Tangney

Peffermill, 07/02/15, Glasgow University

Today we saw the lassies and laddies taking on Glasgow University at home. First on was the lassies with a 12PM throw up and they were under way immediately putting a ton of pressure on the Glasgow defence. Not much room was given to Glasgow and our lassies pushed through to find the net a second time and a solid 2-0 victory.

Scorers: Kirsty McLay

The lads were on next and Glasgow were the ones who gained the upper hand from the start by obtaining a goal early on. However Edinburgh hit back hard and the scoring was equalised by Brendan Duggan with a sweet strike into the back of the net. The midfield ruck continued until once again Glasgow broke and found a second goal before half time. The second half largely saw end to end action which eventually resulted in a penalty for Edinburgh. Conor Sweeney stepped up to take it and he did not disappoint. In the end both teams held on for a 2-2 draw.

Scorers: Conor Sweeney, Brendan Duggan

Coaching Courses

The Camanachd Association are offering other coaching courses and the next Foundation level one will be held in the CSE Pleasance gym on Sunday 22nd February from 9:30 – 4:30 pm.
It will cost £30 per person and you should follow this link to get an application form and return it as quickly as possible.

Annual Tour

Our Annual Tour will be happening this weekend when our lads and lassies head over to Ireland for their contest against Trinity College Dublin Hurling Team